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Kamis, 31 Juli 2008

Rigan Agachi

There was something that interesting when watching the live duel of the Persik Kediri vs PSIS on Sunday on July 27 2008. Not trigol that was scored by Christian Gonzales. Not also the superb goal by Danilo Fernando’s shot. And that was not blunders decision of the bald Markus Horison or the brilliant performance of Agus Murod, or the first appearance of Ahmad Kurniawan after he’s got the long injury.

It was Rigan Agachi, who had the full name Muhamad Rigan Agachi that stole attention. He was not the player one of the two teams that were competing. He at the time only a commentator on the match. What made him to be special was a piece storied about Rigan Agachi.

Around six or seven years ago, Rigan was a talented young Indonesian player. He was said as a future full back for the national Indonesian team, with his posture that was high, skill, as well as his speed.

Rigan, at that time was predicted by the observers of national football as the replacement for Kurniawan Dwi Julianto, as an Indonesian player that will play in Europe competition. For information, the team that was reinforced by Rigan at that time was PSV Eindhoven junior, and he was predicted immediately can take part in competing in Eredivisie with his capacity.

However when the year passed by and there was no news again from the windmill country, public also as though forgetting the Rigan name. Rigan Agachi seemed to disappear, but his name rised again when the national Indonesian team held the concentration of the exercise for Asian Games in the Netherlands. Together with the Irfan Bachdim name, a young Indonesian descendants who reinforced Utrecht junior, the Rigan name was remembered again. People began to asked information about him, was he still progressing in the Dutch country? Still he in PSV Eindhoven? News also began to be springing, and that was startling, spread the news if Rigan evidently has been dismissed from Eindhoven resulting from the theft of the age. And his tracks then again disappeared.

And once again the year passed by, when finally Indonesia agreed to continue trend that was circling in Hollywood, make a reboot (or in easy language is make a restart) old movies, like Batman became Batman Begin or James Bond became Casino Royale, then PSSI (Indonesian Football Association) also rebooted his competition from the Indonesian League to Indonesian Super League (ISL). And at that time the Rigan name rised again, although not as a player. Rigan came back at this time with the status as a commentator.

The question is, will Rigan status be permanent? Or Rigan will at the right time come back appeared to field. Apparently time that will give the answer. Whatever, for this moment, we could say ”Welcome back Rigan Agachi”

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