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Senin, 11 Agustus 2008

Sulaiman's blunder give persija on top

Dede Sulaiman apparently will have a bad dream after match between Sriwijaya FC against Persija Jakarta. His blunder in the end minute of injury time in the second half caused the match end sad for Sriwijaya FC and his supporter.

Playing in their homebase, in fact Sriwijaya FC pressed Persija Jakarta. Sriwijaya FC got several chances to making the goal. But all of that denied by the post or the bar so there is no goal that was created for Sriwijaya FC. Instead, Persija Jakarta through one counter attack succeeded in making the goal by Greg Nwokolo in minute 36, so after the first half, Persija leading by one goal to Sriwijaya FC.

In the second half, Sriwijaya FC’s attack increasingly, and after several unfortunate chances, they got results, Persija punished by a penalty kick. Goal by Keith Kayamba Gumbs, in minute 57, made the score equal, and the match started again from 1-1. The match continued and apparently will end in a draw situation, but during injury time remained around 30 seconds, Sriwijaya FC’s goalkeeper, Dede Sulaiman did a big blunder. And Persija succeeded in making the victory goal by Greg Nwokolo , Sriwijaya had finally lost 1-2 in the Jakabaring Stadium.

Senin, 04 Agustus 2008


Payment for Indonesians was the matter that it was considered the taboo to be discussed. Moreover often the person was evasive with said that unethical to name the number of pay that was accepted, because they were worried that somebody else will feel was offended if his pay was lower.

That was the reason, not many that could confirm who the Indonesian local soccer player that had the highest payment. There is nothing that’s certain in this Indonesian soccer League. Moreover for the value of the contract also was written in newspapers with words approximately.

However to this Indonesian Super League, that followed the principle of professionalism in the management of soccer, preferably the matter that was considered the taboo could be put aside. Because with the transparent of the contract in our soccer player recruitment, then we could also prevent the practice of corruption that possibly happened resulting from the untransparent in the soccer team management. Moreover the soccer team's fund in ISL, several still budgeting by the Income and Expenses Budget of Environs (APBD) that meaning the money that was used was money from the public, certainly transparent responsibility was needed to know how the public money was used.

Aside from that, many curious people, who Indonesian soccer player that had the most expensive pay. From several sources was named, that big five Indonesian soccer player that had the high pay was: Bambang Pamungkas, Ismed Sofyan, Budi Sudarsono, Ponaryo Astaman, and Aliyudin.

Bambang Pamungkas aka Bepe occupied the highest place was by the pay 114 million in rupiah, while Aliyudin occupied the last place was in big five by the pay 88 million in rupiah. The uniqueness, from the row big five, four among them were the player from the soccer team of Persija Jakarta. Indeed if being compared with world soccer players, their pay was visible small, but if we being compared their pay with, for instance, the pay of a director of a company in Indonesia, then their pay could be said very big.

So, who said the football player could not be rich?

one minute, one touch, one goal ...

The duel between currently two top scorers in Indonesian Super League (ISL) ended draw. What was interesting, both Christian Gonzales (Persik Kediri) and Cristiano Lopez (Pelita Jaya) did not score the goal.

The match took place in the stadium of Brawijaya Kediri and it was interesting enough. The two teams played aggressively. Decide to prooved who the best goal scorer between Gonzales and Lopez caused the atmosphere of the match heated up.

Persik which as the host did not want to lose the point in them second match. Although playing without several of them main players, like Danilo Fernando that received sanctions from the Disiplin Commission as well as Ronald Fagundez and Legimin Raharjo that were affected by the accumulation of the card, Persik continued to play offensive. However, Pelita Jaya which used his army with almost young players gave hard fight to the host.

After the first half ended 0-0. Pelita Jaya could have finally surpassed the host Persik Kediri through Jallaludin Main in the 71st minute. Crossing from Erol Iba fell in Jallaludin that stood free. Markus could not keep the Jalal kick and he was beaten, the score became 0-1 for Pelita Jaya.

When Christian Gonzales could not reach the goal and the fact that Persik Kediri was one goal behind made Arcan Iurie to put more striker in the minute 73. Saktiawan Sinaga was entered by Iurie to help Persik to attack. Just one minute was in the field, the first Saktiawan touch succeeded in producing the equaliser for Persik. His headed, assist from Wawan Widiantoro, conquered the goalkeeper Pelita Jaya, Dian Agus Prasetyo, the score 1-1.

Till the minute 90 scores did not change, and Persik must be satisfied to share the point with Pelita Jaya.